Live here and now. Today these words are especially responding in our hearts. The All -Russian Festival of Actual Art Most, which will be held from October 18 to November 3 in Kaluga, offers to focus on the present moment. If you dream of getting a powerful charge of inspiration, you have a great chance to touch living art and plunge into the atmosphere of the experiment.

“If the viewer does not enter the territory of art, then art itself will go to the viewer,” his organizers formulate the motto of the festival. That is why, along with the galleries and cultural centers of Kaluga, the usual spectators are involved, but city spaces that are non-standard for art projects: a bathhouse, an old church, a station, a merchant, a department of the university, a factory workshop, a shopping center and even a trolley, which runs alongThe usual route. The streets of the ancient merchant city will paradoxically turn into a scene for the most relevant, which is in art today.

Among the participants of the festival, both well-known and recognized names on the Russian and foreign art scene, and young authors are declared. Painting and graphics, performances, art battles, video art, immersion and physical theater, choreography, experimental opera-more than 50 projects representing various directions of contemporary art, will be presented at the festival.

The main idea and purpose of the event is to search and create new meanings, forms and ways of interacting with the audience and the city.

The key exhibition venue of the Festival of Actual Art will be the premises of the former Elmat plant. Since the 1980s, magnets, electronics, furniture were produced here, and then in the 2010s production was mothballed. The director of the director, the workshop, where, having finished the last shift, no one else has returned, the tools forgotten by someone, rejected objects-since then nothing has changed here.

The choice of the main site for the festival supports the idea of curators that art is inextricably linked with our everyday existence, and a special, sterile platform is not required. Therefore, every speck of dust, settled in the air of a forgotten factory premises, will play a role in this unusual exposition space.

The organizers of the Most festival thought about how to make it as harmless from an environmental point of view. It’s no secret that such events require a large number of packaging materials specially manufactured exhibition structures. Therefore, the organizers proposed invited musicians, architects, scenographs, theater directors, artists to create their own projects or arrange space using materials found at the Elmatian factory. This will not only reduce the amount of waste, but also find new ways to work with one or another material.

Partner of the MOST festival – VS Unio Art Gallery – will present two independent projects at the event.

The first of them is the cult series of the „stripes“ of the artist and corruptible Avdey Ter-Ogagan, who saw the light in 1987. Color and shape are not random here: in this way, steps, entrances, trips, tracks usually mark. The author deliberately uses the energy of a familiar symbol so that he literally catches his eye. Today the diagonal lines of Ter-Ogaganyan is one of the most recognizable symbols of abstract art.

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